Speaker Recognition API

Want to try out using your own personal voice from your own personal mouth to create a voiceprint using AI?! Sure you do. And here's where you can try that out.

No API key yet?

Go and get your cognitive services API key at portal.azure.com and your cognitive services endpoint.

You don't need the path part of your endpoint, just the protocol and hostname. e.g.:

https://<your cs app name>.cognitiveservices.azure.com/

Already got an API key and Endpoint?

  1. Paste them in here and click "go":

  2. Click "Enrol" and talk for 15 seconds
  3. Wait to be asked your name
  4. Repeat for another person
  5. When you've done a few people, click "Identify" and only one person talk
  6. HOPEFULLY the correct person will be identified!